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Allan Mcdonald gives us fresh new perspectives on politics with in political cartoons. Politics is all around us, in business, the economy, technology, world news and our daily lives. Aside from politics, I also like to play the guitar and recently I found a whole collection of guitar scales that have enriched my guitar playing style. Everything that we read in the news about America, Iraq, China and other countries all come down to politics. They affect every single part of our lives, thus De Honduras gives us new insight on what everything is going on in the world. Political cartoons are an interesting way of showing this insight to people in the world, spreading messages which may not easily be spread in many areas of the globe. It is easy to dismiss political cartoons as many times, they are hard to decipher. However news spread from them can make a great impact, and therefore we cannot neglect the part that political cartoons play in politics. They have the ability to change the socio-political landscape, and convey messages that cannot strongly be conveyed in words.

Everything which has been going on, the election of Barack Obama, the recent North and South Koreas’ spate of events and even the ongoing problems in Africa, can be said that politics play a part in them. Allan Mcdonald will be a voice in the internet about all these recent news and events, however in a legitimate and proper manner which will not be frowned upon by anyone. I have also bought a log splitter recently to quickly split open logs to develop me new house. Political agendas are complicated situations, but if we are able to disseminate news appropriately, no one will need to be implicated. There were some instances of gunfights in certain developing countries that led to an introduction of pistol safe for homeowners to protect themselves with guns and at the same time not have the dangerous risk of having mis-fires. Campaigning can be a very costly and sponsorships may not be sufficient to cover the expenses which led to some politicians having to consult companies like banks to finance their campaigns and in return the loans will be taken in advance and pay back at a later time. These loans not only help citizens but it also greatly helped couples who are looking to tie the wedding knot but do not have enough cash. With this aid, couples in Singapore can now sound the wedding bells as they start their wedding preparation journey at perfect weddings that resounds as one of the best portals in Singapore for brides looking to get married. News about politics is very useful when used and conveyed in the right way, and that is how information should be spread. In today’s era of high tech gadgets, the ipod has been so freaking popular with everyone on earth that even college students are bringing it everywhere they go and it’s usage can range from hearing music to reading of political news on the ipod where the news feed is transferred from computer for worldwide sharing and the computer can the be used to transmit these feeds to other ipod users. Allan Mcdonald from De Honduras provides brand new perspectives about politics and business in a fresh way, which will be great for generations to come, who are able to retrieve latest information in a proper way.

“I think, therefore I am.” – Descartes. This bold statement expressing self identity in the ability of independent rational thought shows how much faith ancient philosophers place in the power of logic and analytical thinking in obtaining solutions to problems in life and as a compass that guide us in our daily lives. However their were times logic were twisted by unscrupulous salesmen that in the insurance line that led to many Britains from the UK to seek refuge for refunds and compensation on the mis-sold insurance that does not guarantees them coverage for certain medical bills. Some of these hospital charges even includes ladies who go through a non-natural way of getting pregnant. Mothers who have conceived using the pregnancy miracle methods are able to give birth without using costly medical procedures. Some of these have been documented on highly recognised news portals that have been very well designed with design on wordpress cms blogs that gives extra internet coverage on them. However, the power of rationality may be overestimated sometimes as it is ultimately a tool fashioned by imperfect human beings and not everything in this world can be understood and justified rationally.

Like how some groups of activists are against reverse phone lookup services, there have been a stronger opposition that states their claim on reverse phone number lookup trackers help users who were being stalked track down on their stalker’s details and then this information can be reported to the authorities for investigation. This has also led to the tracing of parties whereby the majority of rappers have gathered ranging from newbies to the expert pros that have now turned to sonic producer due to the ease of creating elegant and beautiful beats with it. On the other hand, the rise of pharmacy technicianjobs have been on the rise as health care needs in the global market has surfaced tremendously requiring a huge demand of pharmacy technicians to expedite the process of packing medicine that are prescribed by doctors. Indeed, Socrates, Galileo and all the other advocates of rational thought may be justified in their view that we should not forego the use of our intellect as it is the most appropriate way to understand a problem and thus arrive at a feasible solution. In math, logical thinking is applied when we express problems in terms of unknowns governed by certain tested natural laws and attempt to solve for these unknowns by means of logic. In engineering, engineers solve problems by finding out the root of the problem and then finding an appropriate solution to it. This rests on the logical principle that if the cause of a problem is removed, the problem itself will be removed. Thus, the power of logic can be seen in how it makes connections between causes and effects, problems and solutions and thus help us predict the future given a set of pre-conditions and formulate problems to solutions.

Problems such as clans and gatherings of people looking to have a flag designed for themselves are now resolved by going online to look for flags online have found a cheaper alternative to getting their flags mass produced. In areas of human conflict of interests, rational thinking might lead us to an agreeable common ground. For instance, the freedom of speech of an individual might conflict with the stability of society if he propagates seditious ideas. In such a situation, complete freedom of speech is harmful in certain situations and we will logically think that it should be curtailed for the greater good. On the other hand, no freedom of speech at all might result in a human life devoid of happiness and we thus argue that it should not be such a case as well. Thus our logical mind will lead us to the conclusion that an individual has right to speech in all circumstances except when it has the potential to cause societal instability. We have thus arrived at a compromise through logic alone. This principle can be seen in John Stuart Mill’s harm principle as well as many other logical arguments concerning conflict of interests and goals where we weigh the costs against the benefits and come to a logical conclusion. Thus, the power of rational thought is justified in the ability to negotiate and come to consensus in situations of dispute.