How to Get Around Frustrations Every New Tennis Player Has

Tennis beginners, like every new player at any sport, have their own frustrations. Whether it’s trying to learn tennis that gets them really down or not being able to understand what their tennis coach is trying to say to motivate them.

All players eventually face these frustrations one way or another and react to them in different ways, and what makes tennis coaching time-intensive is that frustrated players have to be taught differently from the challenged players to get them ahead of their learning curve.

If you find that you can’t seem to get any better in this game at all, here are some tips to help you get past your learning curve and get better with your tennis lessons:


1. I can’t hit the ball at all. 

You want to be the best player in all of Singapore but can’t hit the ball even one time?

Here’s a little secret: Everyone misses. Even professionals miss. And it’s okay.

Believe it or not, technique is actually the least common cause for mistakes. No amount of tennis lessons in Singapore can help you hit the ball if you don’t have a planned trajectory for how you want the ball to fly back to the other side of the net in the first place.

The reason why most players usually miss the ball is because they don’t have a plan on how to send it back or how they want it to go. If you ask most club players, they’ll simply answer that they think about the ball’s direction.

Before your racquet even makes contact with the ball, you need to already have a clear mental image of the ball’s trajectory.

The two most important things that you need to remember once you see that serve is that you need to: one, know exactly how you want the ball to fly, and; two, already have that plan in the split-second the ball starts flying towards you.

You don’t have a lot of time to adjust your muscles accordingly, so having this image in mind will save you more time and will increase your chances of at least connecting with the ball.


2. Tennis is just way too difficult.

Every sport is designed to be difficult to make it fair game, and the thrill of any good sport lies in its unpredictability. In basketball, for example, the ring is designed to make sure that no human can successfully get three-pointers all the time.

The same thing could be said about tennis: you’re trying to hit a small yellow ball zipping towards you. But to control the ball, you need extremely good hand-eye coordination as well as movement skills. You play with the likelihood of faults or the ball hitting net.

While tennis lessons on proper technique and racquet handling can get you up to speed in the game, much of it is in the timing, and you don’t get that right away even with professional tennis coaching.  What you can develop more quickly is your mental attitude towards the game.



Making mistakes is unavoidable in everything, and it’s only a matter of time before you make the next one. Change your outlook and focus on how well you’ll hit the ball when it goes in, instead of just blaming yourself, and you’re well on your way to improvement.

If you still find that you can’t get better, there are many schools that offer tennis coaching in Singapore, staffed by professionals more than capable of getting you back on your feet if you seem stuck in a rut. Try one out today!