Travel First Class or Business Class?

Before booking a flight for your summer vacation, know first how you would like to travel. Are you going to travel in first class or business class flight? Know the differences of this two and determine whether it is worth the time and money.


The pre-boarding services offered in first class and business class are superb, but with not much difference. If you’re a first class or business class traveller, you won’t be experiencing much stress when checking-in because there’s a special area allotted for business and first class check-in. Afterwards, you are to wait for your flight in an exclusive lounge that offers nap rooms, shower rooms and other exclusive services Also, you get to board the plane earlier than most of the passengers.


First class travel has luxurious seats with much more leg room compared to business class. Although business class offers 3 types of seats, the cradle seats, angled seats, and lay flat bed, most seats offered by airlines for first class passengers are in full stretch bed type with 10-30 inches more leg room. First class guests are also provided with pillow and blanket and have access to power outlets for their laptops. Furthermore, they also have greater options for entertainment since they have their own television screen instead of a cabin screen.


The food for business class passengers are typically made of 3 to 4 courses, and wine. For first class, passengers usually have beer, cocktails, champagne and complimentary wine. They are also given the privilege to choose their entrée along with unlimited beverage of their choice.